Salon closing updates

Hello everyone thanks so much to you all who have reached out and showed their condolences .. my great grandmother and cousin are very dear to my heart and it is important that I prioritize being with my family during this time of grief …I have confirmation on one of my family members funeral arrangements I will be out of town April 13th -17th .. I know theses days fall around the holiday but I have not had a confirmation on my other family members funeral arrangements as of yet and if it does not interfere I will try to have my books open Sunday the 10th and Monday the 11th to accommodate some of the rescheduling.. I have put a temporary block on next weeks schedule until I can confirm all of my travel arrangements I will unblock it within The next few days ..THIS WEEK’S APPOINTMENTS WILL REMAIN THE SAME SO YOU CAN COME AT YOUR CONFIRMED TIME !!

thanks for understanding!

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